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Over the last few weeks we have had a couple of events that have been taking place, from regional events all the way through to national events.

League finals 2019 and the season is finished! Huge congratulations to everyone for qualifying in the final events. Rhiannon and Jacob 2nd for their groups and Harris 3rd in Super league. New skills put out this weekend, well done to Austen, Daniel and Archie. Well done Danny even though he had an unexpected stage right exit. Thank you to Martin, Jodi and Tracey for being amazing officials and thank you for all the support from families and friends. Final thanks to Tamzin, Becky and Jodi for coaching Team Dharma

Congratulations Rhiannon. 1st in FIG 13/14 girls. In Welsh championship. Great Job Jodi as lead coach 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

So first regional comp of the year at Gillingham and a lovely start too. We had Rose and Gabriella in a group together, both did very well and so proud of both of them! Then we had Savannah who came 2nd in her group. Little team but a solid start! And thank you to Harris, Tracey and Martin for being our officials, as well as Tamzin, Jodi and Becky for being our coaches for the day. Also a thank you for all parents who support us every step of the way, well done everyone.

With every competition we have always got parents, coaches, volunteers and parents, judges and even athletes that have always been there to help. I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone for your constant and ongoing support, we couldn't do the events without any of you! So thank you for past, present and future events, and we hope we don't loose any of your support.

For all the images from the past few comps please look left and see the happy faces of our amazing teams. Well done everyone, you make everyone at Dharma so proud

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