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Over the last few weeks we have had a couple of events that have been taking place, from regional events all the way through to national events.

First of all, to finish up last year we had League Finals. So proud of everyone there with Harris placing 2nd, Conner and Annalise doing 2 solid routines each. Austen placing 4th and then Jodi and Austen coming 4th in synchro. Lastly we had Rhiannon who had a bit of a slip up but lessons learnt in every way. A big thank you to everyone who supported us through 2018, bring on 2019 we can't wait for what it brings.

Then starts 2019, with our first competition of the year which was a regional open - F  competition in Gillingham. First up was Grace, doing 20 lovely skills and finishing 4th with her highest score ever! Next is Savannah, who jumped very well and ended up placing 2nd in her group. In the final flight we had Libby and Richard, both of whom did 20 absolutely lovely skills allowing Libby to finish 3rd and Richard finishing 2nd. Overall it was a very successful start to 2019 for competitions and we are excited to see what future competitions bring us.

Finally, we have had our most recent competition which was a county G,H and I competition in Gillingham. We only took a small team of 3 youngsters out to this comp but they all jumped their hearts out and made us very proud. Ellie, Sofia and Lisa all did 20 skills. Well done to all of them and thank you to everyone for your support.

With every competition we have always got parents, coaches, volunteers and parents, judges and even athletes that have always been there to help. I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone for your constant and ongoing support, we couldn't do the events without any of you! So thank you for past, present and future events, and we hope we don't loose any of your support.

For all the images from the past few comps please look left and see the happy faces of our amazing teams. Well done everyone, you make everyone at Dharma so proud

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