Our Philosophy

Dharma Gym for All was conceived to provide the opportunity for people of all ages to participate in the incredible and awe-inspiring sport of trampolining, which can open doors to other sports such as gymnastics or double-mini trampoline (DMT).


Trampolining helps develop personal confidence as well as improving

natural balance, strength, co-ordination, agility and aerial and special

awareness, making it the perfect sport to help people develop their skill

set for other sports such as aerial skiing, boarding, diving and even

rugby, with other qualifications such as stunt register training.

The trampoline club offers a comprehensive training schedule

throughout the year for all session types. We provide a wide variety

of session types in order to accommodate anyone that wants to

trampoline from recreational classes to squad sessions.


Wherever possible we aim to have mixed ability sessions because everyone has different learning styles and experiences, therefore the ability to draw from watching will help learning, and aspire everyone to the higher levels of performance.


Whatever the level, we approach everyone with a positive, friendly environment offering encouragement and support, whatever your aspirations.

We look to follow the steps in the sporting future strategy, to increase physical activity.


We try to help inactive people become active, have more resilient habits towards health, create more positive attitudes among young people, create a diverse community and develop every person in their physical and mental well being.

E-mail:  dharma12011@hotmail.co.uk
Mobile: 07702 939135
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