Competitive trampoline sessions provided by Dharma Gym for All are for participants who wish to compete in trampoline.


Competitive members must attend at least two 2 hours sessions per week, and enter a minimum of 1 event per year.


Participants will only enter competitions when they are ready and at the level their coach determines will be best for them. Only when the coach is satisfied will they then progress to the next level.

All levels are catered for, from experienced competitors to complete beginners who wish to progress up the competitive pathway.


We aim to make the competition experience as fun as possible and will often have many competitors competing at the same event making the whole experience fun for everyone.


If you would like to come and have a try with us, we have a policy that your first session will be a free trial and can get one per person.

We do this because we think that there if no point for you paying for a session, if yourself or your child does not enjoy trampolining.

Leading on from this, if you like what you see in your hour class, then you can come over and speak to our head coach, Tamzin Reid, and get all of the relevant information you will need to become a member.


The recreational trampoline sessions are for all participants who wish to trampoline but only as a bit of fun.


Some people may wish to participate in these sessions to either have a bit of fun, meet new people, get fit or just to try something new.

We allow anyone, of any age, shape, size or ability to come and give it a go.


You can then lead this on to be more serious and move to the competitive groups once talking to your coach on whether there is current availability. As well as this, all of our recreational classes are coached by well qualified and volunteer coaches so yourself or your child will always be in safe and capable hands.

We aim to make these sessions as fun as possible and make it suitable for everyone that comes along.

Session Times